tryna get yah lyrics -agon (phl)


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I put my timbs on and fucking stomp your brain
100 million souls know my name
Fallen god i can make it rain
Switch blades on my waist i’ll take you to your grave
Grim reaper on my side, gengarx got em sharp, lay you down
You don’t have no fame, fucking with em all, these voices in my head telling me to fucking kill a sped shotgun, in my hands spray all em im under you bed willin off my meds auahhhhh gengar and garf
We’ll steal your carts ahhhh

Yung Garf

Got my hoodie on it’s a cold dark night
Got my sword too bitch sleight of hand get you killed
I’m at the mill too, printing counterfeit bills
Shawty i don’t want you hop off my dick
Im in the middle of road, no cares, it’s my strange life do what i want when i want

Fuck school, i don’t my do homework, teachers thinking i’m retarded
(yeah time to get it started)

Fire coming from my eyes, smoke in the sky
Ritalin prescription got me (ahhhhhhhhh) geekin in the hallway, i see the world from my window everyday, staring at the cars driving by how i spent my summer days

Padlocked shut, forever locked away
Shrooms in my mouth i dont care how much they weigh
Walking on the beach with a blunt in my face
Nobody can stop me, not even the navy
Finna roll up in all black, chain silver, diamond blinging, phone ringing bitch i hit that shit decline


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