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by James

Rewrite The Stars – Anne Marie Ft. James Arthur
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Cover yt – Harryan Yoonsoan

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00:02 you know I want
00:06 you it’s not a secret I try to
00:11 hide I know you want
00:16 me so don’t keep saying our hands are
00:21 tight you CLA is not in the cars but
00:24 fate is pulling your minds away and out
00:29 of reach from me but you’re here in my
00:33 heart so who can stop me if I decide
00:38 that you’re my
00:43 destiny what if you feel are the stars
00:49 say you won’t wait to be mine nothing
00:55 could keep
00:58 usart you be the the one I was meant to
01:03 find it’s up to you and it’s up to
01:07 me no one can say what we it to
01:12 be why don’t we feel right to
01:17 starts maybe the world could be
01:23 USS
01:28 tonight
01:31 [Music]
01:34 you think it’s
01:38 easy you think I don’t want to run to
01:43 you but there on
01:46 [Music]
01:48 my and there are do who we can’t walk
01:53 through I know you’re wondering why
01:56 because we able to be just you and me
02:01 within this wall but when we go outside
02:06 you’re going to wake up and see that it
02:09 was hopess after
02:15 all no one car real right to St how can
02:22 you say you be
02:25 mine everything keeps us aart
02:30 and I’m not the one you are meant to F
02:35 it’s not up to you it’s not up to me
02:40 when everyone tells us why we can be how
02:46 can we
02:47 reite the star say that the word can be
02:54 yours tonight what I want is to CL
03:01 with you all I want is to
03:04 fall with you so just give me
03:10 all
03:11 good it feels impossible it’s not
03:15 impossible possible say it is
03:21 possible how
03:23 do