Lirik Lagu Terjemahan | Throne Oliver Sykes Bring Me The Horizon lirik lagu

by James

Lirik Lagu Terjemahan | Throne
Penulis Lagu Oliver Sykes
Pembawa Lagu Bring Me The Horizon


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00:00 [Music]
00:09 [Music]
00:26 remember the moment you left me alone
00:28 and broke every promise you ever made I
00:33 was an ocean lost in the open nothing
00:36 could take the pain away so you can
00:40 throw me to the wall tomorrow I will
00:44 come back leader of the whole back be me
00:48 black and blood every room will shap me
00:52 every Sky will build my
00:58 thr
01:05 The Stick of the stones that you used to
01:08 throw half build me an Empire and don’t
01:11 even try to cry me a river cuz I’ll
01:14 forgive you you are the reason I still
01:18 fight so you can me to the tomorrow I
01:24 will come back needer up the hold back
01:27 Bey black and black everyone will shap
01:31 me every Sky will build
01:45 my so you can th me to the wall tomorrow
01:50 I will come back Le of the back be me
01:56 black everyone will shake me every sty
01:59 will bu
02:11 [Music]
02:14 I’ll leave you joking on every word you
02:17 left
02:19 unspoken we build all that you’ve
02:22 broken and now you
02:26 know I’ll leave you joken every word you
02:31 left
02:32 unspoken we build all that you
02:35 broken and now you know everyone will
02:39 shap me every scar will build
02:53 my so you can throw me to the one
02:58 tomorrow I will come back leader of the
03:01 whole P Le me black yeah every W will
03:06 shake me every Star will B my throne