Cemil Tanrısever – I DON’T EVEN KNOW (Offical Audio) şarkı sözleri

by James

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Only dead bodies saw the darkest day with their eyes.
But no matter what they saw or heard for the highest ones.
They will throw their “Hopeful dreams” for the trash of lies.
Eventually, they will ignore the yellow lines.
People always have tears and suffer in the worst times.
They try to force a smile when they’ve perilous fights.
If they start to smile, it will disturb the snobs.
Please don’t let your soul die from all these lies.
Maybe you’ll be recording what you have done.
It will have careless people in each hour.
You won’t have a chance to pass these empty times.
After the record ends you will be in another world.
You will not even feel the moments after your life.
Only you will feel the suffering in your past.
“What have I done?” you’ll say, and you’ll let yourself down.
Then your life will lose all meaning when you have gone.
But I don’t even know what will be next, maybe nothing.
Also, you don’t even know what your past was, maybe it was empty.
I don’t even know what will happen in the afterlife.
Also, you don’t even know, whether you will come back, or you will not.

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Record your life
I don’t even know
First English Song

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