Baconisyummy – Paul Blart Mall Cop lyrics


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intro: casual nds and stewie griffin
Nds back here with another goofy ahh beat (aw fuck, okay)
Bacon on the beat

verse 1: casual nds, dj khaled, and baconisyummy
Yo, i’m dj khaled, y’all know me, i ain’t valid (tell ’em to bring out the whole restraunt)
Bring out the whole ocean, explosion, in motion, yeah, uh
Y’all know me, my parents disowned me when i was three, uh
Terrible tragedy

verse 2: baconisyummy
I feel like a crack addict the way that i can’t stop
I like eating rice krispies when they go snap, crackle, pop
Wyatt owns a pop socket i love eating hot pockets the way i’m chewing down on this bim bim bop

bridge 1: shaggy rogers and scooby doo
Like, scoob, i think wе’re gonna get a grammy for this one
That’s right, raggy

bridge 2: baconisyummy and casual nds
Uh, i watch big natе
Y’all know i don’t hesitate when i read andrew tate, uh (bro)
I’m in alabama
Step aside dante, here we go (bro stop)

verse 3: casual nds, dj khaled and baconisyummy
Yo, i hope you have a good day
The way frank sinatra sings my way
No jorge, don’t tell me to eat my mashed potatoes
You’re not my dad, although he was very glad
We the best music
Beat’s droppin so hard paul blart mall cop dropped his pants 50 yards away from a preschool, word

verse 4: casual nds and shaggy rogers
That’s all i gotta say
Put shaggy on the mic
Yo scoob
I’ve been rapping since ’09
When i ran over a guy cause i couldn’t see his bike light
Uh, and i hid the body in denver, colorado, longitude: 47, longitude: -256, uh huh

outro: dj khaled
We the best music


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